Our Warranties


We are very proud of our design … no breakable hinges or metal parts … incredible raw materials

Suitable for most sports and outdoor activities … but see our video section to see how tough it is

Your RXW sunglass frame is covered for up to 2 years against breakage or malfunction when used under normal conditions


We are extremely confident you will love the vision from your RXW lenses

However, if in unlikely event you are not delighted with the vision, within 28 days from delivery we will offer refund of your purchase in full

After 28 days … and up to 365 days … your lenses are guaranteed to perform their function within the frame …

VIDEO SECTION – please note that our fun videos are purely to show how tough and durable both our frames and lenses are, we of course do not recommend you to try this, the frame will not break, the lenses will not crack into lots of pieces … but it could result in dents or scratches.

All our lenses are as standard with a scratch resistant coating for normal wearing conditions and care when cleaning with the dual purpose cloth pouch / cleaning cloth

We cannot guarantee 100% against scratches but if the protective outer case is used and lenses are cleaned using the microfibre cloth pouch … your lenses should remain in excellent condition